HOLLYWOODHGH is becoming more and more popular these days, thanks to many athletes and body-builders who are allegedly using them.

But did you know that human growth hormone is now quite common in Hollywood as well?

Apparently, there is an increasing number of celebrities who are jumping on the bandwagon to maintain their most precious commodity – physical appearance.

In a previous report by the Daily Mail, it has been revealed that several actors and actresses, particularly those in their 40s, are under an increasing pressure to preserve their youthful appearance in order to keep up with the younger generation of stars.

It was even alleged that up to 20 percent of celebrities are using HGH to enhance their body and looks to meet the demand of their roles.

Check out some of the biggest names in Hollywood that were accused of using human growth hormone to achieve a youthful glow.


Sylvester StalloneEver since his “Rocky” days, Sylvester Stallone has always been bombarded with rumors of using growth hormone and steroids because of his buff body.

While he vehemently denied using any kind of supplement to achieve a ripped figure, he was caught red-handed with vials of HGH at an airport in 2008 and even pled guilty.

Although he insisted that he only used human growth hormone, his ex-fiancé, Janice Dickinson claimed he’s also taking steroids and testosterone to enhance his body.

She even alleged that the actor drugged her once, resulting in a swollen arm.


The former governor of California had openly admitted that he used to take steroids when he was younger. In an interview with ABC News, the “Terminator” star revealed he was intrigued by it since it was something new in the market.

However, he clarified that at that time, he did it under a doctor’s supervision, adding that they were kind of experimenting with it.


Prior to his acting career, Dwayne Johnson has been very popular in WWE for his toned body. In fact, it became a plus factor for him when he entered Hollywood.

Over the span of his career, he was always linked to using HGH and body-enhancing drugs. The actor had already set the record straight and admitted that he used steroids when he was 18 years old out of curiosity.


The controversial rapper faced an investigation for allegedly buying HGH from a doctor in New York in 2008. While it is not illegal to purchase such drug, the manner it was acquired was what made it a little shady.


The 37-year-old actor is known for his shocking body transformations for various movie roles. However, he was accused of using steroids and HGH to bulk up for his film “Southpaw.”

In fact, veteran trainer Happy Hill revealed that the actor was actually anti-steroids but was forced to try it for the sake of his movie role.

Hill also told Hollywood Reporter that many actors are looking for the perfect gym body and use such methods as a shortcut.


MARK WAHLBERGAnother famous actor accused of using HGH and body-enhancing drugs is Mark Wahlberg. While promoting his movie “Pain & Gain,” the 42-year-old star was noticeably buff.

From then on, he has been pressed with questions as to how he suddenly got that body.

Despite the endless rumors of HGH and steroids use to increase his muscle mass, the actor reiterated that he never took any of it. Instead, he credited his workout and diet for his toned body.


The famous and inspirational cyclist previously confessed that he used to take HGH, cortisone, and performance-enhancing drug.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he openly admitted that he is a flawed character, adding that all the blame falls on him.


Multi-awarded singer and songwriter Mary J. Blige has been suspected of taking HGH and steroids to maintain her figure.

While it is not very common for women to be involved in body-enhancing drugs such as steroids, the rapper found herself in the middle of controversy after an investigation was launched against her.

However, her team vehemently denied such claims, adding that she never used any of those drugs before.


ALEX RODRIGUEZThe New York Yankee’s star was also accused of using HGH and banned substances in 2014.

Reports revealed that he shelled out over $12,000 a month to purchase the performance-enhancing drug from a fake doctor, Anthony Bosch.

Apparently, he was given pre-filled syringes for hormone injections, which will then be administered to his body.


Veteran actor and producer Nick Nolte has been very vocal about his support of HGH. In fact, Vanity Fair reported that the actor praised the anti-aging effect of human growth hormone, adding that it helped him improve his overall well-being.

While Nolte admitted that there are risks associated with HGH, he pointed out that the benefits outweighed them.

Some of the useful benefits he mentioned include ripped abs, less wrinkles, better sex drive, and more energy.

HGH is undeniably useful for many of its users. While it may be true that it is accompanied by risks, it is worth noting that it has many benefits that even celebrities attest.

In the end, the most important thing to remember is that too much of everything can be harmful.

It’s always best to take everything in moderation. It wouldn’t hurt to know a thing or two about HGH first before taking them as well.

After all, who wants a buff body and youthful glow if you are putting your health at risk?