The Dangers of Synthetic HGH

Synthetic HGH was approved back in 2003 for use by FDA in treating several disorders and deficiencies in adults and children.

HGH can either be injected or taken orally. HGH injections are pretty pricey and is more effective when used daily.

Why HGH is used

HGH was first used in the year 1963 to treat deficiencies and various disorders. It was first derived from cadavers, but later had to be banned from being circulated as contamination was found.

Later, synthetic versions were discovered and further developed to arrive at the versions of today that are safe to use with very little risk of contamination.

Children with lack of HGH experience short stature, lack of concentration, late puberty and delayed physical/sexual development.

Some children produce a normal amount of HGH later during their adolescent, but if it goes untreated and the level of production does not increase, symptoms will go on and may lead to worse symptoms such as fragile bones.

Apart from children, more athletes and bodybuilders are seeing how the extra dose of HGH can be useful. They take HGH in controlled doses (which is not FDA approved) and claim having their concentration improved as well as faster muscle formation.

Others promote its use by giving a promise on better intimate relationship with partner. Lack of HGH leads to low libido level and synthetic HGH can fix that.

Furthermore, researchers, also refer to HGH as miracle medicine for the Aged. Aged people generally have very little HGH produced compared to 30-year-old adults. The hypothesis goes that pumping HGH into the blood may prevent aging.

Is it all good?

The benefits that experts and fitness sites have been promoting are not wrong. At least, they did not leave even one benefit out.

But you will rarely come across any that fairly explains to you the side-effects of injecting synthetic HGH.

The FDA is getting strict in prohibiting injections of synthetic HGH for anti-aging and bodybuilding purposes. Unless you are diagnosed with a disorder that requires the shot, you will not be able to get one legally.

Even if you do, you will need to spend around $1000 a month, PerimeterInstitute explains.

World class championships are also banning the use of synthetic HGH and are constantly checking the HGH of their contenders to prevent abuse of HGH hormones.

Here’s why all these formal institutions are preventing you from injecting yourself with the so-called miracle cure and muscle former.

Horrible Side Effects of Synthetic HGH

There are several minor to major side-effects of the use of synthetic HGH.

Patients that have to be treated with HGH typically experiences the minor side effects, whereas healthy adults that inject excess HGH can go through horrible effects that often cannot be turned back.

Abnormal bone growth

HGH stimulates growth and sometimes it can cause bones to regrow in adults. When you reach adulthood, biologically your bones have fused together.

Forced stimulation can cause your bone to expand abnormally and this is usually painful. It causes deformed appearance  to the lower jaw, hands, feet and brow ridge.


Synthetic HGH’s main role is to stimulate growth and cancer is the condition where your body is forming cells at abnormal level. HGH is frequently linked to promoting all type of cancers.

It can even accelerate the growth of cancerous cells in the body as explained by Livestrong.


HGH prevents fluid from being extracted out of your body, causing swelling in certain parts of your body full of fluid.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is the medical term for numb hand caused by pressure on the wrist. It is typically found in pregnant patients or people who work on their phone for more than 5 hours a day.

In the long-term, carpal tunnel syndrome can cause atrophy or loss of muscle from your fingers and even permanent nerves damage according to WebMD. You will find it harder to use your hands and coordinate movements.

Abnormal organ growth

When your body is done with its growth phase, all your organs are already in their right size, fitting in the right space. Inject HGH and you’ll get the chance to experience extra growth of your organs.

Commonly seen on bodybuilders as HGH gut – makes them look like they’re pregnant. HGH gut is permanent. There’s no other way to go around it.

The best you can do to reverse it is by stopping HGH totally and the size may decrease slightly but never completely.

Think over and over again

Not only is synthetic HGH unapproved by FDA, it comes at high price whether it works or not. The side effects are irreversible and even cause more damage compared to the miracle cure claim.

So, think very carefully while consulting with a health provider regarding the use of synthetic HGH.