What is Human Growth Hormone?

Often abbreviated as HGH, human growth hormone is the name of a hormone in the human body that stimulates growth.

Even though you’re way pass your biological growth stage, HGH is believed to be able to encourage and initiate the growth of your cells.

As explained in WebMD, It is produced naturally by humans over the course of one’s lifespan with its peak period being during childhood where bones, tissues and other parts of the body grow and expand.

What does HGH do to your body?

Over the course of your life, HGH is mainly responsible for your growth. The hormone is produced in high quantity and the result is your body elongating along with hair, teeth and nails forming.

HGH is also responsible for reparation and regeneration of cells within one’s body.

Because HGH is believed to be highly related to repairing and preventing cells from degrading, experts have long believed that it is a key ingredient to formulate anti-aging elements.

For Children

As of late, several children are being taken to Growth specialists with parents asking for HGH to be injected into their children to increase their height. This costly injection may or may not work and has to be done under the agreement and after fully understanding how HGH works.

HGH is frequently synthesized and dosed for children with HGH deficiencies. The use has been approved since 2003 and it has helped children with medical conditions such as low sex hormones and Turner Syndrome.

For Adults

HGH is a necessary hormone in regeneration and mending of cells that are substantial in anti-aging.

A regular dose of HGH can also be used to spur height gain that is if it is done under observation. LiveStrong recommends adults to have their hormone level checked every few months.

As for deficiencies, adults also experience the same issue as children mentioned above. Lack of HGH in adults, as mentioned in HGH, may lead to several symptoms such as:

Osteoporosis. As HGH is responsible in forming and keeping your bone strong, lack of it may lead to weak bone structures.

Lack of muscle mass. Without HGH, it is hard to form muscles and eventually, it will decrease.

Less energy to exercise. With the lack of muscle, you lose strength to exercise.

Detecting Deficiencies in You or Your Children

According to BostonChildren’sHospital, at least one out of 10,000 children are lacking growth hormones. These children experience either partial or full deficiency of growth hormone.

Early treatment may help these children in achieving normal height and normal life.

As there are various reasons for a child to experience what doctors call in medical term short stature, ways of preventing this are still being researched. What really matters now is to recognize it early on.

Healthline  identifies some of the side effects of HGH deficiency as: brain tumor, cleft lips, as well as major head damage,.

As in adults, cases of HGH deficiency is rarer, but not impossible. In adults, symptoms are easier to identify. Treatment is pretty similar to children, although more effort is needed.

Implications to both children and adults are similar:

  • Higher level of fat and cholesterol in blood due to abnormal metabolism
  • Stress and anxiety in adults/delayed puberty and sexual development
  • Experiencing difficulties to concentrate
  • Weaker bones that lead to frequent fractured bone
  • Losing muscles coupled with abnormal metabolism leads to big tummy
  • Sensitive to change of temperature and is relatively easy to feel cold/hot

Doctor’s Diagnosis

Diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency is usually done after a thorough check up of the child’s growth. Blood test is not a strong determinant.

Growth plates are easier measurements. Growth plates can be seen at the tip of a child’s fingers and toes. Growth plate is a form of tissue that is constantly multiplying itself to extend the bones.

Through an X-ray, it is possible to measure your child’s growth against acceptable level of development.

For adults, tests can be done on kidneys and thyroid to check the flow and functional level of hormones. Further test involves MRI scanning to check possible brain damage or tumors that may affect the production of HGH level.

If deficiency is confirmed, treatment is typically done by injecting synthetic HGH daily until a normal level is reached. Injection is done on body parts with fatty tissues, such as buttocks.

It is rare to meet cases where long-term injection is needed. Common side effect in the long-term is usually related to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Minor side effects may follow. Patients may experience hip pain, headaches to slight scoliosis. Regular exercise or therapy can lessen the minor effects and help with keeping the bone growth normal.

Having your deficiency detected earlier will lead to easier treatment and better life quality in the long-term, thus, it is important that you pay attention to your children’s growth and fat along with several other signs that sufferers typically show.

Where To Buy Natural HGH Online?

Prescription HGH is hard to find without a doctor’s approval, and thorough medical diagnosis.

That said if you are looking for natural HGH for sale, for general development and well being, then you can do a research on the Internet, which should lead you to some very interesting products.