Why HGH Supplements Are Safe

Since its discovery in the 1950s, its successful treatment in curing disorders and deficiencies in children as well as adults, synthetic HGH has continued to gain in popularity.

As much as people are saying how synthetic HGH is amazing in fetching good results, its usage is strictly regulated by the FDA and is banned from many world class championships.

HGH supplements on the other hand are legal. It has shown great benefits with minimal side-effects compared to injected synthetic HGH.

Facts about HGH

Human growth hormone is produced in our body and reaches its peak during our childhood. Throughout our life, HGH is continuously produced, but drops significantly when reaching adulthood.

As ┬áscientifically proven in FutureScience, one produces HGH as low as 20% of a child’s at the age of 30.

HGH is responsible for the forming of tissue, bones and practically the growth of a child. Its other function is repairing and forming cells, one of the reasons why bone fracture in children heals faster than adults.

Deficiency in adults, although rare, happens. Injections of HGH is then allowed to treat this disorder.

When left untreated it may cause minor to major discomfort and concerns, starting from short stature in children, low span of attention, fat tummy to lack of muscle strength, cardiovascular risk and high cholesterol and fat.

Supplements and releasers of HGH are commonly the preferred way for people to gain the benefits of HGH without the dangerous effects of synthetic HGH.

Injections that are bought without doctor’s prescription is often used without proper observation of warning, dosage and possible side-effects.

Why You Should Consume HGH

There are multiple reasons valid enough for you to start consuming HGH supplements today. The multiple benefits of HGH are as follows:

  • Better concentration and focus
  • Boost of growth in children and adolescents
  • Help burn fat
  • Form muscles
  • Stronger bones, nails and teeth
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Better sex drive
  • Dispels depression

For bodybuilders especially, HGH proves to be the best booster in helping you to achiever leaner and stronger body.

Quoting a few of the benefits listed on BodyBuilding – muscle formation is boosted and you will be able to exercise and lift weights much longer.

For children that although they do not experience lack of HGH, consuming HGH can help them grow to an optimal height that will boost their confidence and even ensure their safety, such as when driving.

Supplements vs. Injections


Multiple studies have proven that profound symptoms and side-effects of synthetic HGH is major. Usage can only be prescribed by doctors and is strictly regulated.

You have to be diagnosed with a disease that can only be and requires treatment by injecting synthetic HGH.

To top it off, each injection cost hundreds of dollars, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a few months.

Studies have also shown major negative effects caused by injections. Not to mention it can be painful, as HealthConcern mentions.

Its usage is also strictly forbidden in some countries. This is because the ‘instant results’ that injections give come with a hefty price to the health.

Supplements and Releasers

There’s a difference between the two words, although many companies have been using these two words interchangeably.

Supplements contain HGH and supply your body with it. HGH releasers contain similar ingredient to injections that drive the pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

In supplements, however, additional ingredients that help improve health can be included. Not to mention that it is generally more affordable compared to daily injections of HGH.

These supplements, although don’t give instant results, they promise great benefits in the long run.

They contain healthy and medically proven ingredients that will stimulate your gland into producing HGH and promotes all the benefits HGH promises.

Some of the major negative effect you can avoid from injections:

  • Harsh reactions such as reddening of the skin
  • Forceful stimulation of growth such as abnormal organ and bone growth that causes deformation

When we grow older, our body shows sign of aging such as wrinkles, weaker bones and less hair growth. HGH supplements are able to overcome this by stimulating your gland to turn back the clock.

Your body will slowly return to the condition it was in when you were a child; fast bone formation, increased hair growth and amazing focus in studying and reading.

HGH supplements are also great in improving your relationship with your partner. Lack of sex drive, or libido, is commonly related to low HGH level in blood. This can be overcome by regularly consuming HGH supplements.

Final Words

HGH is a great supplement to take because of all the great benefits it offers.

We often envy how little children are able to learn faster, grow taller, look young (because they are young) and simply happy. We want to feel all those positive feelings again.

If you are considering methods to increase your HGH level, always remember that supplements offer all the benefits without the dangerous side effects that synthetic injections can give you. To top all that, it can be done with much more affordable prices.

Hope you are able to make the right choice after reading this!